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21st December 2014  Herald Scotland




19th December 2014  Yorkshire Evening Post




19th December 2014  Herald Scotland




19th December 2014  The Australian




18th December 2014  Cambrian News




17th December 2014  Herald Scotland




16th December 2014  Cerberus purchases 2nd bundle






11th December 2014  Herald Scotland




9th December 2014  Co Star




9th December 2014  Financial Review




5th December 2014  Herald Scotland




4th December 2014  Parliamentary Debate


See column 477 - 524 ; 1.17pm to 4.20pm ; reading time 3 hours




3rd December 2014  Mortgage Strategy




28th November 2014 


NCSG conference ; Manchester


The guest speakers were :-


Iain Mitchell QC


Professor Michael Dempster ; Centre for Financial Research ; Cambridge


Simon Jaquiss ; banking expert ; QA Legal 


John Laycock ; Polestar Funding Solutions




27th November 2014  Herald Scotland




25th November 2014  Herald Scotland




18th November 2014  Herald Scotland




17th November 2014  Daily Telegraph




30th October 2014




30th October 2014  Angel News




30th October 2014


TBL mis selling claim case management hearing Court of Session ; Edinburgh.

Bank admits that the loan was mis sold.




30th October 2014  


NCSG group meeting Manchester

Members only




29th October 2014  Herald Scotland




28th October 2014




14th October 2014  FCA Review progress report




14th October 2014  NCSG analysis of FCA Review progress report :-


NCSG analysis of FCA Review progress - sheet 1_1413319289583.pdf




10th October 2014  Herald Scotland




9th October 2014  BBC Scotland




9th October 2014  The Telegraph




9th October 2014  Daily Mail




9th October 2014  The Australian




8th October 2014  Herald Scotland




19th September 2014  4 Traders




19th September 2014  Herald Scotland




4th September 2014  Andrea Leadsom (Economic Secretary to the Treasury)


Andrea Leadsom 4 Sept 14.pdf




26th August 2014  Money Marketing




19th August 2014  Business Link




19th August 2014  The Scotsman




19th August 2014  The Courier




18th August 2014  Sydney Morning Herald




18th August 2014  Herald Scotland




18th August 2014  STV News




18th August 2014  The Business Desk




18th August 2014  Insider Media Ltd




9th August 2014  Herald Scotland




30th July 2014  Herald Scotland




29th July 2014  4-Traders




29th July 2014  Herald Scotland



29th July 2014  The Times






28th July 2014  Sydney Morning Herald




28th July 2014  Wall Street Journal


Wall Street Journal 28 July 14.pdf




28th July 2014  The Scotsman




27th July 2014  The Australian 


The Australian 27 July 14.pdf




26th July 2014  4-Traders




26th July 2014  Herald Scotland




25th July 2014  Operation Chestnut





24th July 2014  Gordon Brown


Gordon Brown MP (Lab ; Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath) supports the campaign by writing to Andrew Tyrie MP (Chair ; Treasury Select Committee).






17th July 2014  The Australian




15th July 2014 NCSG analysis of FCA Review progress report :-


NCSG analysis of FCA Review progress - sheet 1.pdf




15th July 2014 FCA Review progress report (for July 2014) :-




15th July 2014  Meeting with HM Treasury


NCSG meets Andrea Leadsom, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, in Westminster.

We have been informed that NAB has agreed to voluntarily review all past decisions made in respect of complaints about fixed rate Tailored Business Loans. 






10th July 2014 CoStar




3rd July 2014  The Independent




3rd July 2014  BBC Business




3rd July 2014  NCSG response to TSC / Clydesdale meeting






1st July 2014


Oral evidence  from Andrea Leadsom (Economic Secretary to the Treasury) and Tony Boorman (Chief Ombudsman FOS) given to the TSC.


Transcript :-




26th June 2014  Press & Journal


Destiny Church in Press and Journal 26 June 2014.pdf




18th June 2014  Herald Scotland (Editorial)


Herald Scotland 18 June 14




18th June 2014  The Courier (Scotland)


The Courier 18 June 14




18th June 2014  Herald Scotland


Herald Scotland 18 June 14




18th June 2014  The Scotsman


The Scotsman 18 June 14




17th June 2014


David Thorburn (CEO Clydesdale) and Debbie Crosbie (Executive Director of Customer Trust and Confidence, NAGE) gave evidence to the TSC enquiry at Portcullis House, Westminster at 10.00am.


Video recording :


Transcript : TSC meeting 17 June 14.pdf




16th June 2014  Herald Scotland


Herald Scotland 16 June 14




12th June 2014 


FCA Review progress report for May released - see "FCA Review" page




9th June 2014  The Australian


The Australian 9 June 14.PDF




30th May 2014  Project Chestnut


Co Star 31 May 14




30th May 2014


10 hour megaphone protest at Yorkshire Bank head office buildings in Leeds




28th May 2014   Estates Gazette




21st May 2014


NCSG meeting with a senior ombudsman at FOS, London


NCSG meeting with third party funder interested in funding all TBL claims




16th May 2014


NCSG meeting Edinburgh. Addressed by ex Clydesdale manager whistleblower




2nd May 2014


NCSG meeting Chester. Next meeting in Edinburgh date in approx one month's time.

Interesting developments at the FOS.




29th April 2014


TSC meeting at 10.15 in which embedded swaps were discussed in moderate detail.

Bully Banks, Seneca and NCSG member Laurence Beere.


Click on the box on the bottom right "COMMITTEES". Then click on 9.30am HoC Treasury Committee - Wilson Room. Move the slider on to 10.24 as this is the time that the embedded swap discussion begins (ended at 11.19).




25th April 2014


As a result of an appeal to a rejected FOI request, HM Treasury agrees with BBA that embedded swap loans will not be mis sold in the future. The agreement is of course voluntary.


FOI HM Treasury / BBA




19th April 2014


As a result of an appeal to a rejected FOI request, the FCA discloses that 69,738 embedded swap loans were issued and that 35,000 were issued by one bank alone but will not release the the name of the bank concerned.


FOI3266 Internal review response _signed letter and annex_ 20140331.pdf




16th April 2014   


The FCA has called a meeting as part of their inquiry, inviting an affected SME, Seneca and Bully Banks to form a panel. NCSG has not been invited despite a membership of 105. NCSG is appealing to be included.




25th March 2014  Herald Scotland




25th March  2014   BBC Scotland Business




20th March 2014  Herald Scotland  - Destiny Church




12th March 2014  Treasury Select Committee meeting


TSC Committee – John Thurso / Mark Carney




6th March 2014   NCSG conference Aberdeen 


We are pleased to announce that our Aberdeen Conference today was a resounding success. Eminent speakers included MP John ThursoProfessor Michael DempsterIain Mitchell QC and Actuary Peter Crowley. Read our full conference report here.




6th March 2014  Herald Scotland




6th March 2014 Yorkshire Post




4th March 2014 Dundee Courier




4th March 2014  Herald Scotland 




22nd February 2014  The Times




21st February 2014  BBC Scotland




19th February 2014


The Treasury Select Committee formally requsts NCSG to supply evidence of mis selling and malpractice. 




6th February 2014  Financial Review


Click here




30th January 2014


The Treasury Select Committee is to undertake a short enquiry and a call for evidence will be published shortly. This has resulted in Clydesdale Bank requesting a meeting with John Thurso MP (Lib Dem ; Caithness & Easter Ross)




28th January 2014  Parliamentary questions

                                 Alison Seabeck MP (Lab ; Plymouth Moor View)




23rd January 2014  Parliamentary questions

                                 Sammy Wilson MP (DUP ; Antrim)




20th January 2014  Telegraph




7th January 2014   EDM 874     See website page "EDM874"




21st December 2013  Herald Scotland




20th December 2013  David (NCSG member)


David's case at Leeds High Court is heard by conference call between judge and two barristers. Case proceeds to 4th hearing towards end of March 14. David is happy. LPA receivership is stalled.




19th December 2013  Telegraph




18th December 2013  60,000 embedded swaps


FCA letters to Treasury.pdf




15th December 2013  O'Groats Journal & Caithness Courier





13th December 2013  Dundee Courier




13th December 2013  Herald Scotland




11th December 2013   Treasury Select Committee / Early Day Motion 874




7th December 2013   Financial Ombudsman Service


Three more NCSG members' TBL complaints upheld by FOS adjudicators. First complaint still awaiting ombudsman approval. Bank has failed to appeal through normal channel but has approached FOS at higher level to try to get adjudicator's decision overturned.



4th December 2013  Herald Scotland 




30th November 2013


Bully Banks conference on Hidden Swaps in London




20th November 2013


NCSG meeting with Stewart Hosie MP at Westminster (SNP Dundee East and member of the Treasury Select Committee). 




19th November 2013  


TBL case heard in Leeds High Court. (progress confidential until 20th December)




11th November  2013  


FOS gave NAB until this date to appeal against the decision it made four weeks ago to uphold the first Tailored Business Loan complaint in respect of the non disclosure of break costs. The original deadline was 4th November but an extension was granted expiring today. The bank has failed to appeal and the FOS has given NAB a further extension of 21 days. 




6th November 2013  Welsh Assembly


The Welsh Assembly discusses Clydesdale / Yorkshire TBLs in Cardiff. Presented by Bully Banks and Guto Beeb MP (Cons ; Aberconwy)




5th November 2013  Shropshire Star




1st November 2013   Evicted farmer


Farmer evicted from his farm in Somerset today after being bankrupted as a result of a Tailored Business Loan. Herd of 400 cattle sold at auction and farm machinery sold for scrap by vicious receivers. Farmer joins Nab Customer Support Group.




1st November 2013   Yorkshire Evening Post




31st October 2013


NCSG meeting in Westminster with John Thurso MP (Lib Dem Caithness and member of the Treasury Select Committee)




24th October 2013  Parliamentary debate


MPs discuss FCA progress in a backbench parliamentary debate in the House of Commons, lead by Guto Bebb (Cons Aberconwy). Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks mentioned by Mark Williams (Lib Dem Ceredigion). Several MPs asked whether bank staff should be subject to criminal prosecution.


Columns 456 to 507




14th October 2013  Herald Scotland




4th October 2013  Herald Scotland




1st October 2013  The Telegraph




27th September 2013  The Courier




27th September 2013  City Advisor




26th September 2013  The Guardian




26th September 2013  Financial Conduct Authority




26th September 2013  BBC




25th September 2013  


Strategy meeting with Bully Banks. London




24th September 2013  Herald Scotland




23rd September 2013  Herald Scotland



14th September 2013  Yorkshire Evening Post



10th September 2013  Treasury Committee


Transcript of TBL discussion :- Treasury Committe 10 Sept 13.doc



28th August 2013  Daily Mail



27th August 2013  Ian Fraser



27th August 2013  Yorkshire Post



26th August 2013  Markets Spectator



26th August 2013  Herald Sun (Australia) 



26th August 2013  The Australian



25th August 2013  Sunday Times



24th August 2013  BBC News Scotland 



24th August 2013  The Scotsman           **Clydesdale credit rating now on par with Kazakhstan**



23rd August 2013  Moodys



22nd August 2013  Yorkshire Post



21st August 2013 The Scotsman



21st August 2013  Dundee Courier



20th August 2013  Herald Scotland




20th August 2013  BBC News Scotland



9th August 2013   Meeting with Joan McAlpine MSP Parliamentary Secretary to

                               First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond 



7th August 2013   Herald Scotland



5th August 2013   NCSG establishes that 25,751 jobs were lost to the UK 

                               economy as a result of NabCapital locking SMEs into long term

                               fixed rates containing embedded swaps and all MSPs are

                               informed by email. 




  23rd July 2013   Vince Cable writes to Mark Williams MP (Welsh Lib Dems                                               Ceredigion) confirming that Tailored Business Loans are of

                              concern to himself and Treasury and will be discussed with Martin

                              Wheatley at the FCA.




  20th July 2013   Australian government demand the valuation of the transferred

                             Commercial Real Estate portfolio.




    4th July 2013   Chic Brodie MSP meets Douglas Campbell at Clydesdale Bank.

                             (David Thorburn on holiday). DC agrees to review 4 members'

                              cases  by the end of August.



22nd June 2013  Herald Scotland



19th June 2013  Banking Commission report

                            See section 19 (report page 91)(PDF page 23)



14th June 2013  The Courier



14th June 2013  Herald Scotland



4th June 2013  TV documentary (30 mins)



17th May 2013  Yorkshire Post



10th May 2013  Sydney Morning Herald



10th May 2013  Yorkshire Post



7th May 2013  Yorkshire Post



24th April 2013  Herald Scotland



4th April 2013  International Business Times



30th March 2013  Herald Scotland



21st March 2013  Herald Scotland



16th March 2013   Herald Scotland



14th March 2013  You Tube - Jim McGovern's question and Greg Clark's answer



14th March 2013  Dundee Courier



14th March 2013  Herald Scotland



14th March 2013  Herald Scotland



13th March 2013  IBTimes



13th March 2013  Herald Scotland



13th March 2013  Daily Telegraph



7th March 2013  Daily Record



26th February 2013  Yorkshire Post



20th February 2013  Herald Scotland



16th February 2013  Herald Scotland



14th February 2013  Financial Times



7th February 2013  Scottish Licenced Trade News



31st January 2013  Herald Scotland



7th January 2013  Herald Scotland 




14th December 2012  Herald Scotland



28th November 2012   Daily Telegraph



28th November 2012  Herald Scotland



7th November 2012  Daily Mail



5th November 2012    Herald Scotland



5th November 2012    Herald Scotland



31st October 2012  Clydesdale / Yorkshire annual accounts for y/e 31 Oct 12



31st October 2012 - BBC article

BBC Scotland News



24th October 2012 - I B Times interviews Abhishek Sachdev



22nd October 2012 - Herald Scotland



26th September 2012 - Parlimentary Commission on Banking Standards 

Debate on SWAPS commences from 02 : 16 : 30


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