St Vincent Investments Ltd


St Vincent Investments Ltd


This company was set up by bank staff to purchase assets belonging to bank customers used to provide security to the bank for their loans. This system can be compared with the system set up by RBS staff via GRG.


Commons Select Committee :-


The Guardian :-


From a NCSG member :-


"St Vincent Property Investments bought my £1.3m property for £600,000. CB manager Sue Cribb. CB formed St Vincent Investments for the sole purpose of buying repossessed finished and unfinished property deals from their receivers GVA Grimley who they are in bed with. If any properties were not sold and monies repaid within the loan agreement time, they applied interest at 29.9% until they had guzzled up the equity and more. GVA Grimley repossessed, sold to St Vincent, St Vincent goes under owing CB, CB takes back properties under their first charge and sells them at the right price, so I lose both 30% deposit plus profit £200k. They wrecked my reputation, put in £500k and came out with £1.3m. Good trick if it works. Company number for St Vincent SC341774. Check out the directors. Lynne Peacock and David Thorburn were CEOs of CB"

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