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10th July 2018  


NCSG members meet MPs at Westminster




13th June 2018  Yorkshire Post  Dan Jarvis MP




25th May 2018  The Herald - Mr & Mrs Peart v Promontoria (Henrico)




22nd May 2018  Court of Session


Mr & Mrs Peart v Promontoria (Henrico).pdf




13th May 2018  This is Money - Police probe CYBG re TT Express




10th May 2018  APPG parliamentary debate


Stephen Kerr MP (Scottish Conservative ; Stirling) :-




19th April 2018  Sunday Times - Outlook for CYBG




18th April 2018


Clydesdale sets aside a further £350m to meet "PPI compensation claims".
The Telegraph :-
The Independent :-
FT :-
Herald Scotland :-
CYBG accounts 2016 :-  
Page 5 states that "customer loans"  total £29.4bn.
Santander accounts 2016 :-
Page 23 states that "advances secured on residential property"  total £154.7bn.
Moneywise :-
"Of the other major banks, Santander announced in January that it had made provision for an additional £109 million of PPI charges during 2017."
Assuming that PPI was mis sold just as intensely by Santander as Clydesdale, the provision for PPI compensation by Clydesdale should have been :-
£109m times 29.4bn divided by 154.7bn............or £20.7m.
So why is it £350m?
Is Clydesdale hiding TBL compensation in the PPI figure?




27th March 2018  Sydney Morning Herald - Austrac




23rd March 2018  Financial Review - Banking Royal Commission day 9




23rd March 2018  Sydney Morning Herald - NAB culture




22nd March 2018  Herald Scotland - RGL claim




22nd March 2018  City am - RGL claim




17th March 2018  ABC News - NAB under investigation




9th March 2018  City AM   David Thorburn resigns from PRC




26th Feb 2018    Dr Evan Jones - NAB


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